Virtual Classroom Rental

Virtual Classroom rentals are available for adhoc training to support independent trainers or organizations looking to test or pilot a virtual learning solution. The virtual classroom comes with everything you need to create, manage, publish and deliver highly interactive hands on software training over the internet. Delivering your training is easy, simply provide your software environment and we do the rest.

The virtual learning hands on classroom includes:

  • Web conferencing with audio and video
    • Private audio and group breakout rooms
  • Presentations with annotation
  • Text Chat
  • Student Manuals
  • Auto graded assessments or surveys
  • Access to a robust lab library
  • Virtual Hands on Labs of your software/network environment
  • Course catalogue with detail description of your training course
  • Self serve or manual registration engine
  • E-commerce
  • Access to our learning experts

Every class has different needs but pricing can be as little as $5 per day per student

  • Web audio/video conferencing with private audio
  • Virtual Hands on Labs running your software (One time set up fee of $200)
  • Complete event, registration, and user management
  • Built in Assessments, feedback, or surveys
  • Recordings
  • Presentations with annotation
  • Student Manuals


Virtual classroom rental requires no commitments and little upfront fees. Get your training online and showcase your technology in a unique, industry leading virtual hands on environment. Directly tie your revenue to expenses and leverage a flexible proven virtual learning classroom  Your virtual classroom rental is, fully supported, delivers a .NET or Webbased (HTML5) application that will keep your learners coming back for more.

Find out more about our virtual learning platform by contacting us or try a demonstration of our virtual hands on labs.