Virtual Performance Based Testing

Grokcloud Performance Assessment Testing and ComplianceVirtual Performance Testing is the best way to verify competency, compliance or knowledge transfer form your learning activities. Using Active Learning techniques can ensure knowledge retention and drastically increase satisfaction. Combining the GrokCloud virtual learning classroom, virtual curriculum, and virtual performance testing workflow provides real world scenarios and measurable results for incredible return on investment, increased satisfaction and confidence in your training activities.


  1. Scenario is created within a hands on lab of a real desktop/server/network environment (use your imagination!)
  2. Learner launches their lab scenario and works through scenario (hours, days, weeks) or at their own pace
  3. Once learner completes the scenario they submit their hands on lab for grading
  4. A manager/instructor opens lab, reviews work, provides grading and comments on the students work (automatic or manual grading)
  5. Pass/Fail results are provided to participant in report card with comments and dynamically generated certificate

There is a solution for you!

Independent Software Vendor – If you have a partner channel that requires readiness or certification the Grokworx tools can offer you a huge benefit. By developing and testing your partner channel through our verification system you can feel rest assured that your partners, customers, or employees are prepared and educated in your products and service.

Training, Development, or Education – If you provide training, too often we are not collecting valuable feedback or verification of knowledge transfer. The Verification and testing system fits seamlessly into our virtual curriculum and prepares participants for real world scenarios. Training in the Grokworx virtual classroom is just like a real classroom over the internet. When you combine the advanced lab testing system you can not only provide unparalleled virtual hands on training you can also verify that your message got across!

Recruitment – Using our verification system can ensure that you have the right candidate! With the ability to create or replicate almost any environment you can be sure that when you leverage the Grokworx verification system as part of your recruitment strategy that you are getting candidates that “can do”!