Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classrooms can be better!

Virtual Classroom for Training

Virtual Classroom for Training

Your custom Virtual Classroom delivers everything you need to provide highly interactive and hands on technical training over the internet. All the tools, resources and interactivity of a traditional classroom is available to students and instructors in your own Virtual Classroom.  The Virtual Classroom with Hands on Labs deliver any type of software or network training environment to your customers, partners, or employees over the Internet.

For Instructors

  • Follow your students through the instructor dashboard
  • Take control and share hands on labs with students
  • Take students into private audio rooms


  • Measure learning activities and Training Return on Investment
  • Customize the look and feel of your training initiatives
  • Save money by removing travel
  • Save time by centralizing content, resources and materials


  • Save money by removing travel for training – no more days away
  • Increase the ease and frequency of access to Subject Matter Experts
  • Get better results by accessing targeted continuous training

Your Virtual Classroom includes the following :

Web Conferencing

  • Web, Audio and Video conferencing with VOIP & Telephone
  • Private Audio with breakout rooms
  • Mute All
  • Presentations with Annotations
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Text Chat
  • Recordings
  • Raise you hand

Lab Manager

  • Access your complete Hands on Lab library
  • Work with instructor on the Same Lab
  • Save SnapShots
  • Control labs like sitting at the console
  • Submit Lab for grading
  • Works form any browser
  • Supports almost any software/network configuration


  • Build in assessment engine
  • Timed quizes
  • Auto Graded
  • Any question type
  • No limit to number of assessments
  • Template system
  • Fully reported

Student Manuals

  • Learner manuals and resources built in
  • “Pop up” your Manual on second screen
  • Any number of manuals

Your virtual learning classroom does much more than other tools like Webex, GoTo Meeting or Adobe Connect. The Grokworx virtual learning classroom brings together all the resources that instructors, learners and managers needs to engage in highly interactive, effective and active hands on virtual learning.