Hands On Labs

Hands on Labs are vital to the knowledge retention and transfer that you are looking for from your learners. Hands on Labs deliver an active learning approach and ensure that students are getting the most out of their learning experience. Hands on Labs can mimic almost any type of software or network environment and will deliver real-world access to your software. The performance of a hands on lab using our advanced lab management and delivery system is almost like sitting at a physical computer. We will deliver your hands on labs through a custom branded virtual classroom that will give your instructors and participants incredible interaction and control. You can easily access any hands on lab environment from any computer connected to the internet.

With Virtual Hands on Labs you Create, Manage, Publish, and Deliver your software to learners over the internet. You can centrally mange your learning resources in a secure, hosted environment. No need for shipping DVDs or sharing license keys. Hands on Labs deliver high-touch technical software training over the internet whenever, wherever!

Hands on Labs running your software are delivered securely over the internet through a custom branded virtual classroom. You can create & deliver synchronous or asynchronous learning activities anytime & anywhere. Interact and share your Hands on Labs between instructors and participant with private audio. Learners will have access to your complete hands on labs software library with instant-on access and snapshots. No matter if you are in the same room or around the world the Grokworx Hands on Lab system is unmatched for training and readiness activities.


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 Hands on Labs in the Virtual Classroom

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