Make the most out of your Virtual Deliveries with Active Learning

Make the most out of your Virtual Deliveries with Active Learning

We have mentioned before the importance of following sound instructional design when creating virtual events, or any event for that matter. At Grokworx we feel that it is important to keep learning into bite size chunks that help to keep the student engaged and makes the retention of material easier.

When preparing and delivering virtual training events of any kind it is important to keep some things in mind.

  1. Consider the Whole Learning Experience – Most  online learning are essentially just virtual PowerPoint presentations and don’t take advantage of technology. Go beyond the standard lecture and be sure to use the tools available to you rather than just a talking head!
  2. Engage with participants – Typically trainers are good at reading the subtle clues of in-class training. but reading a room virtually can be more difficult. We like to engage the participants from the very start. Introductions using annotation tools, group breakout and polls are all great ways to keep participants attention.
  3. Make it specific and business relevant –  encourage participants to bring their own specific challenges to virtual break-out sessions, they can work through these in a one-to-one with an actor-facilitator in the virtual world. You can have other participants observe these interactions and share feedback.

This is an example of a template for best practices, and is a far cry from passive learning. When we engage these types of practices in designing and delivering our training we see a huge increase in satisfaction, retention, and knowledge transfer.

At Grokworx we are virtual learning solution experts. We go far beyond the virtual learning technology to include instructional design and delivery best practices. Have a look at how Active Learning with Grokworx can make a difference for your learning activities.