BYE BYE Helpouts

BYE BYE Helpouts

We received a notice today that Google Help Outs is going to be shutdown on April 20th, 2015. Interesting that it “hasn’t grown at the pace we had expected”. Why is it that this type of one-on-one mentoring or tutoring system didn’t kick off? From the outside it seems to have all the tools needed for interactive communication? Was the market not fully aware of the tools availability? Is it missing functionality that are must haves?

At Grokworx we provide a similar system were subject matter experts can provide one-on-one mentoring that includes audio and video, presentations, supporting documents, and  virtual hands on labs of almost any software or network environment. For technical training the Grokworx Mentoring system allows two people to work together in a virtual hands on environment.

Here is the letter we received from Google. We would like to hear if this shutdown will affect you? Do you need a replacement to offer your services? What do you think was the downfall of Google Helpouts?

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Google Helpouts will shutdown in April of 2015.