Virtual Learning Platform – FAQ

Virtual Learning Platform FAQ

Below we have outlined some of the common questions and answers related to our product and services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or want to take part in our product demonstrations.

What is a Hands On Lab?

An online version of almost any type of software or network that can be connected to over the internet, usually for the purposes of training and demonstration. Say you make software! We provide you a operating system template like Ubuntu or Windows. You install your software and save it. You can then add your Hands on Lab to a virtual classroom. Each student then has their own secure computer to play, learn, or test with. It is called Hand on Lab because it mimics a traditional computer lab over the internet.

What is a virtual classroom?

The Grokworx Virtual Classroom provides everything you would expect in a traditional classroom delivered over the internet. What makes us different is we have everything included under one platform and you don’t have to search for all the pieces. We have created the following to address what we would expect in a traditional classroom:

  • Web conferencing with audio and video. Show presentation slides, talk back n forth,  have private one on one audio conversations just like having peers and teachers in the same room
  • Student Manuals and Resources – Have your text book open on your desk, virtually, any type of document or resource to provide instructions
  • Assessments, Surveys, Tests – Show what you have learned or get feedback from the class with any type of test or survey
  • Hands on Lab – Just like sitting at a desk and having a dedicated computer to yourself. Any type of configuration for software/network (Ubuntu to Windows)
  • Instructor tools that allow instructors and proctors to virtually walk around the room and look over students shoulders. Instructor can take control of students hands on lab to offer help
  • Students raise their hands virtually and notify the instructor if you need help or are ready to move on
  • Students can save work at any time to take a break or shut down for the day
  • Record the class to watch it later or archive
  • Take attendance and monitor the amount of time connected and how learners are progressing
  • So much More

Is online class registration available and what type of registration/access options are available?

Yes, every component end-to-end is available and managed through a custom branded virtual learning portal or as we nickname “virtual university”. Complete event management, registration, communication, evaluations are handled through our learning portal. We also have eCommerce built in to allow customers to post, market, and sell their training online.  

What types of reporting options do you offer?

We can provide a full range of metrics including Learning Analytics, Financial and Performance Reporting, Key Performance Indicators, Service Level Agreements. Our registration and event system reports enrollments, completions, participant activities including continuous heart beating of student access to the platform, site usage, segment/module completion and much much more. We can also create custom reports to meet your requirements. These reports are available via web service, by logging into our administrative reporting system, or via email, and RSS. 

What types of assessments are available for more advanced or longer classes in order to reveal gaps in participant knowledge?

Grokworx platform has multiple avenues and opportunities to interact with participants to: identify gaps, collect feedback, test knowledge transfer, and evaluate performance. Our virtual curriculum allows for pre course assessment, module by module evaluation, or post event testing and surveys. Our virtual learning classroom platform has integrated assessment and testing engine with automatic grading as well as a performance based verification system.

Can my employees or personnel be granted rights to view enrollments and training transcripts in real time via your learning management or registration system?

Yes, employees are welcome to view/manage/report/evaluate all components of training initiatives with administrative access. A custom branded website would be provided for all components of learning. This access can be provided via role based logins, via email, RSS, or instant text alerts. We can also create custom reports and solutions for customers.

What consultation or development services do you offer?

Grokworx has extensive experience designing, building, and customizing learning curriculum(s). Our content management team include Certified Microsoft Trainers with years of experience customizing learning material for audiences. The flexibility of the Grokworx system provides the ability to make changes to courseware, labs, assessments, or other components in real time to adapt to challenges, updates, patches, or other unforeseen factors. These changes are immediately available to the virtual classroom.

What type of post-class support do you offer attendees who may have course/class related questions after the conclusion of their class?

We have a extensive support channel for pre/post or in class support. Our system can also extend labs to support post class access. Students can extend their virtual lab and access from home or other location perhaps they miss a session or need a refresher. Our system also includes “Meet Now” or “Office Hours” mentoring system to provide access and put students in touch with instructors. We also use forum, internal chat, and knowledge bases to provide peer-to-peer support.

Do you offer the ability to conduct instructor-led training in a virtual live classroom environment? Definition - Instructor-led synchronous sessions utilizing hands-on training in a virtual live environment with live lab scenarios that provide students with practical experience beyond instructor lecture or demonstration only?

Yes, Grokworx has created LLIFT™ (Learning Lab Instructor Facilitated Training) and has dedicated the last 6 years towards building and deploying a virtual classroom platform to provide deep dive technical training. Grokworx has delivered over 6000+ seats to virtually every continent around the world for companies like Microsoft.

Is the virtual classroom technology proprietary to your company?

Yes, the Grokworx solution encompasses many of the internet’s most used technologies and common business applications that we currently see installed on users computers. PDF for participant resources and learning manuals, we us Big Blue Button for presentation, collaboration, and audio conferencing and the LLIFT™ application to consolidate and manage virtual hands on labs

Does your profile allow participants to interact in a “hands-on” fashion with various technologies without having those tools installed on the local workstation used to attend the training?

Yes, our hands on labs can replicate almost any software, network, or operating system environment. We can support any number of labs concurrently as well we offer the student the ability to save state on any lab or collection of labs. Each lab is secured to the individual student registered.

Is your virtual classroom technology compatible with standard computers running say Windows XP, or Windows 7?

Yes, our platform is compatible with windows operating systems.

Are any plugins (proprietary or otherwise) required for operation of the virtual classroom environment?

Yes, there are some items that are required to engage in all the features of the virtual classroom. A PDF reader, .Net Framework 3.5

Does your platform provide an audio bridge or similar technology to allow the instructor and the remote participants to communicate verbally?

Yes, the LLIFT platform includes both computer audio as well as dedicated land line audio conferencing with the ability to bridge together computer and traditional conferencing. The system supports private audio where instructor and participant can have private audio chat or a number of users can be sent to a breakout room with audio. The audio system also supports 1-800, toll calling, as well as a call me feature where our system contacts the participant.

Does the virtual classroom allow the participants to communicate with the instructor or participants visually?

Yes, Students and instructors can interact using video conferencing using any standard web camera. Our recording options also will capture and replay the instructor video for On Demand modalities.

Do you have the capability to use our existing physical classroom as a virtual classrooms?

Yes, the modular nature of our system LLIFT allows for localized using a “Vbuilding” this temporary or permanent solution can install in s customer’s data center. The platform can also be leveraged over the internet in class on virtually any hardware, on participants laptops, or at employees workstation or conference room.